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President, MIELE USA

“Miele USA is highly satisfied with the consistent professionalism and expert consulting the JR BECHTLE team have presented. I have found the firm far superior to other search firms in terms of the effectiveness and communication throughout their process, and their understanding of our culture and our needs. We have complete confidence in JR BECHTLE’s Consultants and the firm’s ability to deliver outstanding quality candidates.”

CFO, Hirschmann GmbH

“We are happy we chose JR BECHTLE for our search. It was a pleasure working with JR BECHTLE to find a new CEO for Hirschmann Eng. USA, who is now several months with us. We would not have found this person if it wasn’t for JR BECHTLE. The personal impression we had was very positive. We felt comfortable with the way you are doing your work and business – very professional. We wish you and JR BECHTLE the best for the future.”

Attorney at Law & Rechtsanwalt Smith, Gambrell & Russell

“Das amerikanische Recht ist wie ein Spiegel der US-Gesellschaft und ihrer Spannungsfelder. Wer versucht, es zu verstehen, wohlgemeintem Rat offen gegenüber steht und sich nicht auf scheinbare Ähnlichkeiten mit dem europäischen Umfeld verlässt, wird die Klippen des amerikanischen Rechts erfolgreich umschiffen.”

global hr business partner, sENNHEISER

“Over the past 10+ years, my interaction working with JR BECHTLE has been extremely positive. The staff is extremely thorough in ensuring they have a very solid understanding of the role that needs to be filled as well as the company culture. They spend quite a bit of time upfront collecting information from their client. This is not only important from a company standpoint but also from an applicant standpoint. The results of their detailed process are solid applicants presented for the role. They are a strong recruiting partner and ensure close communication during the whole process to ensure expectations are aligned. For these reasons, I highly recommend JR BECHTLE & Company.”