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JR BECHTLE & Co. offers a range of human resources consulting services.

Compensation & Benefits Advisory

JR BECHTLE & Co. is the leader in compensation and benefits advisory support for subsidiaries of European companies in North America.

To be successful, companies need to attract and retain highly qualified and motivated managers. A well-planned and executed compensation and benefits plan is a key tool in the retention of management talent. This is even more critical for foreign corporations and their subsidiaries. A custom-tailored solution fitting the requirements of the specific industry segment and the needs of the company can make a crucial difference.

JR BECHTLE & Co. continuously tracks and reviews compensation and benefits developments for new placements of senior management personnel by European subsidiaries in North America. We provide specially tailored assessments to individual corporate clients. These evaluations serve our clients in a variety of industries as an invaluable planning and benchmarking tool.

We also review existing compensation programs, including short- and long-term incentives, benefits and retirement options, and are able to provide advice and support in developing specific compensation packages.

Assessment of Talent Management

The requirements for globally active corporations and their international management are unique.

To be successful, the international operations of such companies demand a high degree of cultural competence and empathy by their management personnel at the subsidiary and at headquarters – independent of their general technical and functional qualifications. Consequently, the performance of a manager in a particular local home market is only a limited indicator of future success in an international setting or in some other unique cultural environment. Mistakes in selecting the appropriate candidate, however, can be more damaging and longer lasting for the company and for the particular manager than they would be in their home market. JR BECHTLE & Co. draws on the hands-on experience of its decades of management placements for international corporations in North and South America to assess the experience and talent of a manager selected, or in the development of an international assignment.

  • Evaluation of top management
  • Focused workshops for various management levels
  • Definition of job profiles and development of optimal match between employee and position

Organizational Review

  • Corporate organization and structure analyses
  • Management evaluations
  • Management workshops