Retained Executive Recruitment

retained executive recruitmentJR BECHTLE & Co. specializes in retained executive recruitment for companies with manufacturing and distribution operations in North and South America. Our clientele encompasses European and U.S. corporations from a broad spectrum of industries, with a concentration in capital equipment, electronic components and systems, medical devices, biotechnology, high-end consumer goods, and other technically sophisticated products and services.

Management personnel for these companies must be professionally qualified for the local markets, as well as sensitive to the corporate needs of their international parent organizations.

JR BECHTLE & Co. applies a combination of methods to successfully identify and develop potential candidates:

  • Profile creation: The development of a detailed functional Project Profile, combined with a qualitative assessment of key requirements, provides a common basis between project team and client during the recruitment process.
  • Process guidance: A project progression plan developed at the start of each recruitment search guides the project team throughout the evolution of the search process.
  • Direct approach: A systematic process is used to identify and directly approach candidates in relevant industries and positions throughout the local markets.
  • Database review: JR BECHTLE & Co. maintains a large and continuously updated proprietary database of experienced managers working with European companies in the Americas.
  • Internet contacts: Selected Internet contacts are utilized including active posting of positions where expedient.
  • Advertisement placement: When appropriate, advertisements are strategically placed in selected publications.

Underlying these procedures are JR BECHTLE’s hands-on management experience and its practical, real world evaluation techniques. Each assignment is managed by a dedicated team combining an experienced senior-level project manager and in-house professional research associates. Each assignment also receives individual attention and coordination by one the managing partners of JR BECHTLE & Co. to ensure the identification and presentation of well-qualified management personnel fitting into the corporate culture of our global clients.

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