Board of Directors Recruitment

board of directors consultingThe Board of Directors is a crucial instrument for the development and implementation of long-term strategies, controlling and support of management, and communication between the various stakeholders, the general public, and the public interest bodies.

A well-structured and active board is not only indispensable for a successful business, but is also an assurance for local and international partners (banks, suppliers, clients) and for current and future management personnel.

For the subsidiaries of international corporations, the Board of Directors is the center of communications, interactions, and control for the parent company as well as a critical advisor to local management.

Recent developments in markets across the continents have emphasized the need for a strong, well-organized, and active Board of Directors, which includes representatives of the parent company and the local subsidiary, as well as independent outside directors with experience in both cultural environments.

The demand on members of the Board of Directors of international subsidiaries is unique: to balance the global requirements of an international corporation headquartered overseas with the daily needs of the local operations of the subsidiary.
As chairman or members of the board for such subsidiaries, JR BECHTLE’s executives have developed the understanding of the particular requirements these directors face. This practical knowledge and experience helps to identify and select the best-suited professionals for the boards of European subsidiaries in North and South America.

Our Board of Directors service group provides competent and confidential recruiting of outside directors.