Open Positions - JR BECHTLE & Co.

JR BECHTLE & Co. maintains the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and thoroughness in its personnel search activities. It also differentiates itself by being responsive to the special situation of its clearly defined clientele.

We service subsidiaries of European companies in the US and Latin America, covering a broad spectrum of markets, with a concentration in industrial products, machinery and high-tech systems.

To submit your resume, please email to jrb.resume(at)

Position Title Industry/Product Company Size Parent Co. Size Location
Quality Manager - M560 Automotive Components $100 million $800 million USA, United States
President - G557 Diagnostic/Testing Equipment $150 million $200 million North-East, United States
COO Business Area Americas - O456 Industrial Sealing Components $80 million $900 million South, United States
Executive Vice President Sales - S354 Web Processing $20 million >€100 million Mid-West, United States
President - G455 Capital Equipment $20 - $30 million €105 million Mid-West, United States
General Manager - G353 Industrial / Off-road ca. $10 million €150 million Eastern U.S., United States
General Manager - G352 Residential, Construction, Commercial $12 million Confidential Mid-West, United States
Managing Director - G251 Processing Industry $15 million $550 million Mid-West, United States
Director of Sales - S842 Consumer Goods $30 million $100 million Confidential, United States
Plant Manager - M839 Automotive $70 million $1 billion Southern US / Mexico, United States
Plant Manager - M840 Industrial / Automotive $70 million $300 million TBD, Mexico, Mexico
Sr. Site Director - M833 Plastic Manufacturing $45 million $1.4 billion South-East, United States
Director Sales - S836 Consumer durable goods $80 million $500 million Mid-Atlantic, United States
Sr. Vice President - G817 Consumer Goods/Nutritional Supplements N/A $120 million North-East, United States
Management Consultant - Project Manager Consulting/Executive Recruiting Confidential N/A OakBrook, IL, Illinois